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Know Your Contract

Special Education: CBA pgs. 38-39
Special Ed overages:
Special Education Caseloads:
K-12 Resource Room 25 students or 50 units (whichever is less)
K-12 Life skills, Preschool 12 students per class (example: 12 in a.m., 12 in p.m.)
K-12 SLP 50 IEPs
K-12 OT/PT 40 IEPs
Birth-12 Psychologist 1,200 students (The Psychologist assigned to Whitney Elementary will have the number 100 added to his/her case load in recognition of non-enrolled children)
Birth-K SLP 40 IEPs
*A unit will be defined as each IEP qualification goal area in which the students are
served by the teacher.
If an overload exceeds:
K-12 Resource Room 2 students or 4 units (whichever is less)
Life Skills or Pre-School 1 student per class
OT/PT/SLP 3 IEPs Psychologists 100 students
4 options: a) paraprofessional time b) $10/ day, not to exceed $40 c) release time d) caseload review meeting with Connie Martin
Each Special Education staff member shall be eligible for one (1) day of relief time from students per semester for on-site work devoted to duties related to his/her assignment. For Special Education staff, time for IEP meetings that extend beyond the contracted work day, will time-sheeted and distributed through the school year in blocks of not less than fifteen (15) and not more than sixty (60) minutes each occurrence

*This is a major issue with the contract! We will be asking for feedback around special education policies, language, and current reality as we go into negotiations next year.

TRI Time/Pay: (see contract pages 15-18)

TRI Additional Mandatory Time : (45 hours)
-No leaves apply (emphasize this to your staff). The money is already calculated into your monthly pay. If you miss a day for any reason, the pay will be deducted from the July paycheck.
-Full day of PD before school, 5 hours of PD flexibly scheduled during the school year, 4 full day PD (1/2 district, 1/2 teacher directed ON SITE), 5 hours STEM

Other Additional Mandatory Time: (14 hours)

-5 hours before school, 2 hours Open House, 5 hours extended staff meetings, 2 hours Safe Schools

TRI Optional Additional Time: (7 hours)  * IMPORTANT*
-Up to seven hours (1 Day) may be earned on site during non-contractual time, this time will be flexibly scheduled by the teacher. Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year this will increase to twenty one (21) hours
-Performed on site, during noncontractual time
-3.5 hour blocks of time
-Time sheeted and submitted

TRI Time Schedule and Duties:
-For 2017-2018, said TRI incentive schedule base will be equivalent to (25.25%) of the 2017- 2018 State Salary Allocation Model base (increased to 28.25% in 2018-19)
-opening and closing of school, check out procedures, reviewing and researching content standards, preparing classroom environment, preparing and scoring assessments, progress reports, professional collaboration and communication, professional growth plan preparation, etc.


see contract pages 30-34

-Sick leaves (12 days per year) can be used for personal injury or illness to the employee or a member of the employees immediate family OR medical/dental appointments. *Unused days accumulate each year, not to exceed 180 days.
-Maternity leave: Must notify the district by the end of 4th month. Leave starts and ends at the discretion of the employee. (leave uses accrued sick time)
-Adoption Leave: 90 days unpaid leave for an employee who adopts a pre-school child. 1 day paid for a court appearance to execute a legal adoption.
-Bereavement Leave: 5 days per year for death or serious illness in the family of the employee. 2 extra days may be granted by the Superintendent if travel is greater than 250 miles.

-Jury Duty:  Up to 14 days
-Annual Leave: Six days for personal, business,  legal, or religious reasons. Can roll over one day for a total of seven days.
*no more than 10% of a buildings staff can be out on annual leave (rounded to the next whole number and minimum of two staff)
**no more than 5% during the first and last weeks of school and the day immediately before or after a state recognized holiday (waved for honors and awards for spouse or child--graduation, state tournaments, college presentations, professional awards, etc.)
***Accumulated annual leave can be cashed out at $135 or current substitute pay.
Leave sharing: 
-To donate you must have more than 22 days accrued.
-Donating employee can donate up to 6 days per year.
-Donating employee cannot go under 22 days of accrued leave.
-No more than 180 days of shared leave can be used by an employee.


See contract pages 36-39 

K-3: 17
4: 25
5-6: 26 
1st student over= $10 per day
2nd student over=$10 per day
3rd student over=$15 per day
4th student over=$25 per day
*To apply for overages the teacher must fill out a time sheet listing how many students they were over each day (this must be done each month)

7-8: average class size of 29 or single class size of over 32
9-12 teachers teaching 6 out of 7:  average class size of 29 or single class size of over 32
9-12 teachers teach 5 out of 7: class averages of 32 and single class of over 33=$5 per day
class averages of 33 and single class of over 34=$7 per day
class averages of 34 and single class of over 35=$10 per day
*Teachers must fill out the overage spreadsheet and return to building secretary each month (see your secretary or building rep to get the overage spreadsheet)



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